And the award goes to...

Hey check this out (click on the image for the source link, but be prepared to scroll):

Our very own intrepid Creative Director, Paul Furminger, has been nominated for the work he did at Darkhorse10 as a VFX Supervisor on the season 3 finale of Dark Matter.

The last time Paul was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award, it was still called a Gemini. That was back in 2005, when Paul worked with Steve Hodgson, Abel Milanes, and Rosmary Conte on season 2 of The Collector at Rainmaker VFX (now Method Studios Vancouver).

From 2005 to 2018 - that is quite a spread. For most of those intervening 13 years, Paul has focused primarily on game trailers and cinematics. Darkhorse10 was a brief re-entry into television before he shifted back to an even mix of IP development and games outsourcing work at Fish Flight Entertainment.

Before Dark Matter season 3, Paul had just finished directing the space cinematics for Mass Effect: Andromeda, so he was able to bring key learnings from ME:A directly into his DM work, especially the big space battles in the season 3 finale.