Dinosaurs and Robots and Jets! Oh My! Communicating an AR experience in a 2D format.

Here is a fun little project we did with Waterproof Studios (http://waterproofstudios.com) earlier this year. Waterproof handled the heavy-lifting (Models, Environments, Animation, Lighting, FX, Comp) and we provided the in-house VFX Supervision and Creative Direction for a series of short commercials that have been cut into a 60 second spot for your viewing pleasure here: 

We had the usual production challenges with this one (tight schedule, last minute changes, plates from the shoot that needed some extra love), but we had a great time putting it together.

From a creative standpoint, the biggest challenge was figuring out how to show the immersive quality of the Augmented Reality app in a traditional TV spot. Does the Dinosaur pop out of the phone? Is it puppy dog size like on the screen or does the dinosaur blow up to its full size and run rampant through the theatre lobby? In the end, we decided to put the characters in the fantasy world instead of bringing the AR elements into the real world. Although this is an AR app and not a VR experience, it was a good creative solution to help us hit the demanding schedule as well as communicate the wonder of a good AR app. 

Thank you Waterproof for bringing us along for the ride.

Paul Furminger