It starts with a plan.

Are you wondering why we put storyboards on our "Work" page? It's because we visualize the final product at every stage of creation and we build towards it. We follow the plan.

Remember that Al Capone quote? "To succeed in America you need 3 things - A smile, a gun and a plan. If you have to give up one, give up the smile. If you have to give up two, give up the smile and the gun. But whatever you do, don't ever give up the plan." Not one for paying taxes, but very wise with his words that Al Capone.

At Fish Flight, we follow the plan. We believe that production will always present technical challenges, late notes from key stakeholders, wild changes in scope, etc. etc. etc. The only way to make space for these eventualities is TO FOLLOW THE PLAN.

We build the plan with our client and make sure that everyone understands where we are going so we can get there together. Is there any room for ideas? Of course, there is. But anyone can come up with fantastic ideas. What makes our ideas better is that we only change what can be changed within the scope of the plan. Every stage of production presents new opportunities to be creative, but we don't pitch ideas that destroy the foundation of every previous stage. We build on each previous stage. At the end of the project, our solid plan has given birth to a solid foundation that cannot be pulled down by all the technical challenges, late notes, hard deadlines, scope changes...

An amateur directs in circles, exploring every angle at every stage with no clear focus. A professional directs in a straight line, with a singular vision, and they get to the finish line first with the best looking product. Next time you are making something, try starting with a plan. Then, test and adjust that plan through every step of creation without pulling it apart. Did your project turn out horrible? Yes? Good! You are just getting started. Rome wasn't built in a day... Now, do it again!