How much lead time do you need before a project?

How much time you got?  We are a tight-knit team of industry veterans. We get it. You wanted to give us 3 months warning, but it took a month for budget approval and a few months to build the RFP. Now, you are looking for vendors at the last minute. Well, shoot us an e-mail and we will try our best to accommodate. We would love to have a month or two lead time so we can tie up loose ends on the previous project and get our team aligned for the next one, but we know that is just never going to happen. We don't sleep anyway.


What skill sets do you have in-house?

We are all overlapping generalists with preferred areas of focus. Read: We can do anything. And if we need a little help, we have a deep roster of consultants who we love bringing in for some pinch-hitting. We have the ability to write, shoot, direct, edit, model, texture, shade, rig, animate, light, comp, grade, code, design, and we also brew our own moonshine in the janitor's closet. Chances are we got you covered.


what game engines have you worked in?

Most commonly, we use Unity and Unreal, but members of our crew have worked on everything from internal proprietary engines held together by duct tape and band-aids to consumer-facing engines with actual tools and buttons. 


Do you do work outside of the gaming industry?

Sure we do. But Gaming work is our bread and butter.