What is a Fish Flight? Simple: it was a 6:50 am plane that left from Vancouver every morning to deliver freshly-caught fish to hungry Los Angeles restaurants before the start of the business day. It was the earliest direct flight from YVR to LAX. Back in the analogue days of Hollywood North, before digital deliveries and fast transfer speeds, the pioneers of the Vancouver film industry began loading up the Fish Flight with film reels so Hollywood Execs could review the footage shot on the previous day. In the early days of VFX and Animation in Vancouver, we would send our film-outs on the Fish Flight so VFX Supervisors and Directors could give us notes as soon as possible. The Fish Flight was one of the building blocks of the VFX and Animation mecca that is present-day Vancouver. We are a band of industry veterans who remember the days of the old Fish Flight and still attack our projects with the same passion and ingenuity as those pioneering days of yore.


We are a boutique studio that does not believe in a 9 to 5 existence. We live and breathe what we do. None of us signed up for this work because it was easy. We are here because we like to work hard and we can't imagine doing anything else. Our experience spans the gamut of TV, Film and Gaming. Now, we focus on Gaming work because we believe that immersion and interactivity are the future of entertainment. And we like living on that bleeding edge of art and technology. We believe in jumping off the cliff and building our wings on the way down. Who knows? That old fish with improvised wings may even fly...